1. I think the first question is a bit of a bombshell. If he doesn’t play games is he really the best man for the job? You wouldn’t have a swimming coach who can’t swim.

  2. I don’t think being a gamer matters. Like many who work in the industry I am not much of a gamer.

    And whilst Ed is not a gamer, the defence minister isn’t a fighter pilot and the foreign minister doesn’t speak lots of languages.

  3. Stewart Till is outgoing UK Film Council chairman. Here is an interesting article: http://www.screendaily.com/till-calls-for-piracy-to-be-tackled-as-he-bows-out-as-ukfc-chair/5004079.article

    “With a Conservative Government expected in power next year and suggestions from Ed Vaizey, Shadow Arts Minister, that gaming might fall under the UKFC’s remit, the UKFC may see its role expanded.

    Commenting on the issue, Till said: “I would be nervous to have a board that covers game and film. You would have people from a computers background having a view on film and vice versa. I would absolutely be nervous that it would become an entertainment board and would loose some of its focus, single mindedness and its knowledge base.” “

  4. From the latest Conservative arts newsletter:

    Video Games

    Canada’s Ontario province has set aside a substantial £137million to help stimulate investment in ‘next-generation companies’. Games companies in the region will be eligible for the funds. Ontario recently revealed that it had struck a deal with Ubisoft to build a major games studio in Ontario city, creating 800 jobs for games developers. For the last three years, the Government has sat back and done nothing to help the UK video games industry despite this Canadian onslaught. We will be different.

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