Anecdotal musing

In 1983 at Imagine we realised that the company was being killed by piracy. We had plenty of anecdotal knowledge that nobody was buying legitimate product any more, they were […]

During world war one the allies wanted to know what was happening inside Germany. What people were thinking and doing. The effect of the war on them and the routine […]

One year, to support the Colin McRae Rally game, I had the idea of making a very small number of replica helmets to give away as competition prizes. Colin was […]

Try this, just flick through just about any (non gaming) magazine and what are they talking about? That’s right, people. We live in the age of celebrity and it is […]

In the late 80s I was at Codemasters in charge of marketing. Our products consisted of audio cassettes containing games for 8 bit computers that sold for £1.99, then £2.99. At […]

The latest magazine circulation figures are out and it is not looking good — but the forests of the world must be breathing a big sigh of relief. I remember […]