Anti Counterfeiting Treaty (ACTA) makes progress in secret


With the recorded music industry in tatters, the movie industry badly hit and sectors of the games industry no longer viable the governments of the world are getting together to act against IP thieves. Just because you can steal something doesn’t mean that you should, yet we are living in an age where people think that it is quite normal to enjoy the products of another person’s labour whilst not paying that person. Theft of IP is one of the biggest threat to the advancement of man, people will not graft and innovate unless they are fairly rewarded.


  1. while your statements about the damages to some industries is true, that doesn’t justify a treaty moving forward in secret. For one thing, secrets are by definition, material that is shielded from other nations, not shielded from the citizens of all nations while our governments get together like a PTA and decide what they’re going to do with all the unruly kids. I realize the whole thing started under Bush, but Obama’s letting it move forward and freaking out all the global government nutjobs in the process.

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