I am not here!

I have gone to the States for just over a week. But I have written an article for every weekday whilst I am away and they should automatically post themselves here at 7AM each day. I hope you like them!

The topics are:

  • A few press release tips #1
  • So who is your competition?
  • Are games funny enough?
  • Games will be education
  • What is Nintendo?
  • Paper games magazines are dead

The site has got off to a great start with around 1,000 visitors in the first fortnight and already more than 50 people are using the RSS feed. Visitors to the site are spending an average of just under 10 minutes here so they are definitely reading the articles. Google has been very kind and has already managed to find over 600 results for Bruceongames.

Thank you very much for coming to the site and a special big thank you to everyone who has commented. Getting different input really adds to the quality of the debate.

If you know anyone who might like the content here please let them know, the more the merrier!