Brilliant news, this. EA have been caught out editing their entry on Wikipedia and are making weasly excuses to explain themselves. Loads of other companies have also been caught out. […]

Looking at how they have acted over their long history you have to say that Microsoft are a monopolistic intellectual property broker. Their products have never been particularly good, just good […]

I remember several years ago Prince Charles said that children should stop playing computer games and read a good book instead. This was very widely reported in the Fox News/Daily […]

As a company Sony is completely different to Nintendo and Microsoft. Sony is a manufacturer of boxes containing electronics which has a strange obsession. Once upon a time they were the “in” brand […]

Social networking is a massive and amazing phenomenon of our times. The statistics are staggering with about 100 major services. Friendster has 47 million members, hi5 has 50 million, MySpace […]