As a company Sony is completely different to Nintendo and Microsoft. Sony is a manufacturer of boxes containing electronics which has a strange obsession. Once upon a time they were the “in” brand […]

Social networking is a massive and amazing phenomenon of our times. The statistics are staggering with about 100 major services. Friendster has 47 million members, hi5 has 50 million, MySpace […]

So EA now owns 25% of Ubisoft. This purchase really should come as no shock and I am suprised there isn’t more of it yet. There soon will be. The […]

This is something that is either taken for granted as in “Microsoft are bringing out the 720 we will put our games on it” or treated from a fanboy perspective […]

Someone I have never heard of before, Roger Ebert, has been making a big splash saying that games are not art. In my opinion he is wrong. What is or […]

Computer gaming is, obviously, the most recent of the popular entertainment media. It is also the least understood by non users. Unfortunately it is these non users who run the […]