I have a new job!

Bruce Everiss, Chief Marketing Officer of Kwalee

Industry veteran marketeer joins smartphone app startup Kwalee

From opening one of the world’s first computer stores in 1978 to writing hundreds of articles for his popular Bruce on Games blog Bruce Everiss has spent most of his lifetime looking after the needs of consumers at the very sharp end of home entertainment technology, with many great success stories along the way.

Now Bruce has joined smartphone app startup Kwalee ( http://kwalee.com/ ) in Leamington Spa. With company founder and CEO David Darling he is helping to form the core strategic management team of the business. As Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) he will be responsible for all of Kwalee’s marketing functions and has already had considerable input into defining the brand and the strategic direction of the business.

David Darling is delighted to have Bruce on board: “I have worked with Bruce extensively over many years and we have had a lot of great successes together. Bruce is an original thinker with a long history of achievement. His strategic input is based on unmatched experience and understanding, yet he is equally happy to roll his sleeves up and apply himself to the hands on graft that a start up like Kwalee entails.”

Bruce is ready for the challenge: “This must be the best job in the world for someone with my skillset, the opportunities afforded by the app market and Kwalee’s approach to it are boundless. We are seeking to positively differentiate the company and its products so as to bring our customers very special experiences. Over the coming months I look forward to like minded people joining the team, exciting times lie ahead.”

Bruce’s appointment fills just one of many key positions available as the company grows rapidly to become an interesting and exciting player in the app market.




  1. Congratulations! But is there any chance that you`ll continue writing about games industry in this blog?

  2. Congrats Bruce! I guess there isn’t a whole lot of info about what the new company will be doing, but I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot of great things in the future!

  3. The same Dave Darling of codemasters fame?

  4. @Nick

    Thanks for this. We certainly won’t be hiding our light under a bushel!!

  5. @Tim,

    Thanks for that.
    There will soon e a blog on the Kwalee website which I will be contributing towards.

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