1. Lewis (RMT Merchant)

    It appears your eyes have still not quite opened.

    A shame. Good luck in your life.

  2. D

    Very nice Bruce. I hope something is done about this set of laws.


  3. Stephen

    Lewis. Please shut up.

  4. roger

    Lewis, care to explain what you mean?

    Guess its easy to critic a critic…

  5. Gary

    Lewis, it seems like a threat!! can you elaborate ?

  6. Stephen

    Ahh, he cant shut up about trying to get Bruce to join his business or something.

  7. xar

    Hi Bruce,

    Love your blog and have followed the evony saga with interest. I’m disappointed, however, to see evony two ads on your blog. Is there still no way you can block them?

  8. Stephen

    Though possible to block them, it does not work well as evony has decided that it is in everyones best intrest to create several websites all the exact same to bypass an addblocker.

  9. MadQ

    @ Lewis….hmm RMT Merchant? Would that stand for Regan Mercantile?

  10. oh yeah ? what competitions did they win in last 20 years ? 😛

  11. Some great points and it would be nice to think he will listen. Whatever happens, good for you for at least trying.

    Free speech in the UK? Perish the thought! :)

  12. Got this email today > Something good might actually happen! 😀

    Here it is:

    Dear Friends

    You called for a Libel Reform Bill – and the Government has listened.

    On Friday, Justice Minister Lord McNally said the Government has listened to the 52,000 supporters of the Libel Reform Campaign and has made a “firm commitment to action” to protect freedom of speech and the public interest with a bill to be published in the New Year. The Bill will be the first attempt from a Government in more than a century to undertake fundamental reform of our libel laws.
    It’s an incredible success for our campaign – and it’s thanks to your support.
    The announcement was made during the second reading debate of Lord Lester’s Private Members Defamation Bill. You can watch the debate as it happened here: http://www.parliamentlive.tv/Main/Player.aspx?meetingId=6412 and there is a round up of coverage and reaction to the news here: http://www.libelreform.org/news/465-9th-july-2010-government-announces-libel-reform-bill
    But we don’t know how radical the Government’s bill will be, and we don’t know whether it will ensure that writers like Simon Singh, NGOs like Global Witness, or medical professionals like Dr Peter Wilmshurst won’t face libel actions in the future. That’s why we need your continued support.
    Many of you have been emailing and Tweeting about this already – please do continue to spread the word. Over the next three months we need to double the signatories to our petition so new MPs know how important this issue is. We have a lot of work to do together to make sure the Government brings forward a bill that really will make the law fairer and give greater protection to free speech. Bloggers, science writers, NGOs and small publications still face threats and bankruptcy under the current laws, as illustrated by two bloggers, Alex Hilton and John Gray, who are at the High Court in London today fighting to have a libel case against them thrown out. You can follow the case here http://www.jackofkent.blogspot.com.
    Sile and Mike

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